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Tribute to Drag Racing with Special Recognition for Dan Lemons

I’d like to thank the club for doing such a great job on Tribute to Drag Racing. It was a fantastic show and it turned into a great party for Dan Lemons! It really does take a team! Please enjoy the photos. We hope to add more!

Jim Jones made the custom trophies and they were bitchin’!

Miles Hanshaw, thank you for taking care of the trailer and all that entails. I appreciate your time and help.

Bruce Anderson and Miles Hanshaw did a great job managing the car show parking, and big thanks to the club members who worked load-in: Craig Veld, Jim Jones, Dave Silva, Grant Matthewson, and James Poulsen.

I appreciate the members who helped with set-up: Bob Parkerson, Craig Veld, Bruce Anderson, Carol Verstuyft and Miles Hanshaw.

More thanks go to the booth volunteers Craig & Cindy Hart, Mike & Dixie Camou, Mike Brophy, Bob & Doreen Tanaka, and Ron Jenkins.

Thank you, Barbie, for taking care of the money, and another thank you goes to Ronnie & Roberta Todd for handling the tickets.

Anita Becerra and Barbie Lizama worked the food line, thank you.

Club member Gary Phillips and his buddies Mike Joyce, Stan Vierra and Clint Osborne worked the BBQ all day cookin’ up dinner - thank you.

The judges did a great job: Jim Jones, Grant Matthewson, Craig Veld, Miles Hanshaw, Dan Verstuyft, Dave Silva, Bruce Anderson and Frank Gonzales. I’m grateful to Dan Verstuyft for helping me get the judging info ready for the awards presentation and Bob Tanaka for handing out the trophies.

I want to thank my better half, Robin, for everything she’s done. Robin did all the marketing, car registration packets, ticket sales and preparing the booths.

I hope I haven’t left anyone out, if I did, please let me know. It may have gotten hectic, but it was a fun show and great exposure for the club. I appreciate all of you and your help.

Scotty Smith

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