Pizza Margherita

July 6 Meeting

Tuesday, July 6
We are still working out the details!

The June 1 meeting was a lot of fun. We were happy to get together after more than a year!


We thank Paso's Pizza Kitchen East (in the Food 4 Less Center on Creston Road) for being wonderful hosts.

If you want to learn about our club, come to the next meeting! Just send a RSVP to

Dennis Sol won the 50/50 raffle and Fred Anderton won the Summit Racing chair!

NEW! The Green Table!

Do you have something hanging around that you don't want anymore? Maybe a gift that you will never use? Do you have duplicates and want to get rid of one? It's perfect for The Green Table!


The Green Table is a is a collection of items that can be reused by other club members. IT'S FREE! It does not have to be automotive-related. Bring an item to the meeting and put it on the table. Any member at the meeting can take an item home!

Cheese Pie