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May 7, 2024

Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Thomson Hall at Warbirds Museum,
4251 Dry Creek Rd, Paso Robles

BIG Thank You! to all the members who made the General Monthly Meetings so special in 2023. Thank you to Anita Becerra for donating beer AND Frank Gonzales for donating wine in 2024! That's very generous!

April will be pizza and salad.

In 2024, the monthly meetings will feature dinner & dessert, $3 beer and wine, the Green Table, and raffle. 

No charge for dinner, but you will need to buy drinks. 

If you want to join or just learn about our club, come to the January meeting! Please RSVP since our meetings are open to newcomers IF they RSVP on the calendar. Just click here.

Or you can email

Raffle items this month...We'll know soon!

We will continue to have the Green Table in 2024. If you have something that is gently used or new, but you really don't want it for one reason or another, bring it to the Green Table. It does not have to be automotive-related. Any member can take an item from the Green Table - it's free. 

What's a meeting like? Check out the photos below!

Thank you to the Dinner Team!

Dinner Team:
Pre-Meeting Set-up: Jim Jones & Scotty Smith
Table Cloths: Anita Becerra
Serving Cloths: Lauri Silva
Raffle & 50/50: Ronnie & Roberta Todd
Raffle Item: Scotty & Robin Smith
Apparel: Craig & Cindy Hart
Green Table: Rick Evans
Utensils: Diane Bellinghausen
Dinner Entree Order/Pickup: Carmine Rubino
Salad Item: Robin & Dylan Smith
Wine: Frank Gonzales
Beer: Anita Becerra

Fresh Green Salad with Feta
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