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Meet Allen Duckworth

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Allen and his wife Penny joined the club 4 years ago. "I've really enjoyed being in the club. I can get good information about my car and help when I need it. It's been fun meeting new people," he said. Penny added, "It keeps him out of my hair, too!"

Allen bought his 1966 Ford Mustang in 1968 for his mom on Mother's Day! A few decades later, his mom decided that she didn't want to drive it anymore and it returned to Allen. His son had his eye on the car, and promised to keep his grades up if he could drive it. "He kept his promise and did well in school."

Years later, their son had a family and the Mustang wasn't practical, so the car came back full circle to Allen and Penny. "It was just gathering dust in the garage and a friend encouraged me to join the club and have some fun with the Mustang," Allen explained.

The car is very close to original. "It's had a few things added over the years, but it's pretty much the way I bought it for my mom."

Allen joined the club's board of directors in February 2020 as a Member-at-Large.

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