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Here are the parking instructions for the Golden State Classics Car Show, Saturday, May 25. To make it easier for you to view, we have several versions such ad a link to a Google Slides document and a PDF document. They both have the same information, as well as the images belew.

Thank you from all of us in the Golden State Classics Car Club for making our show as wonderful is it is with your beautiful vehicle! Just a few key items to share as you prepare to come to the show:


  • Load-in for participants (Parking for car show) begins at 7:00am. Line ups are not allowed prior as it will block surface street traffic


  • You MUST be in line by no later than 9:00am to be parked and participate in the show. Late arrivals will be disallowed.


  • If you are coming with another car or group of cars (such as a club) and would like to park together, you MUST have all parties together, in-line before we park you. This means if you have anyone that needs to register Day-Of, they must have this complete as well before we allow anyone to park. We will not allow stragglers to try and park later with their group


  • No EZUps or Canopy covers will be allowed. Paso Robles can be windy and we would hate to have to have your EZUp or other large canopy pick up and damage other vehicles


  • Please be patient with the staff (Check-in, Parking, etc) and follow their directions. While we try to accommodate all of your needs, they also must look out for everyone to make this event a safe and enjoyable one

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